Community Orchard

During the autumn of 2019 a team of volunteers, including members of  Derby Park Volunteers, Friends of Chellaston Brickworks LNR and local residents planted over 30 fruit trees in order to create the Chellaston Community Orchard.

It is situated at the Woodlands side of Pit Close recreation ground, adjacent to the Nature Reserve. Funding was allocated from a Section 106 grant awarded to the reserve and the area will be maintained by the ‘friends’ group.

There is a variety of different fruit trees, including both eating and cooking apples, pears, plums, cherries and medlar. Whilst it will be some time before the trees produce a good harvest it is hoped that within a few years local residents will be able to help themselves to an assortment of lovely, local grown fresh fruit.

We are all aware that planting trees helps the environment, this project will also provide free food, as someone commented “legal scrumping”.

In the future it is hoped to increase the number and variety of fruit trees and the Friends Group have already been approached by individuals who wish to make a donation towards this. Anyone wishing to make a donation towards the enlargement of the orchard can contact us via email.

Community Involvement - Litter Picking

Throughout the year many people help us by undertaking litter picking sessions. Chellaston Scout group do periodic sessions and we are aware of many dog walkers and individuals who also help by collecting rubbish they come across as they walk the reserve. This may seem a very simple thing but it is an essential part of keeping the Nature Reserve looking good and it is help that we value greatly. We offer our sincere thanks to everyone who helps in this way. Each summer the reserve is judged for a Community Green flag award and one of the things that lose points is litter, so litter picking really is a vital task.

Small amounts of litter that are collected can be left in or by the litter bins, either on the Bensley Close car park or adjacent to the footpath on Pit Close. It will be collected by Derby City Council.